Beat the SAT in 24 Hours  

BEAT the SAT in 24 Hours

Beat the SAT didn’t get your attention but the 24 Hours did, didn’t it? That's right, 24 hours – 1 day of your life - will get you prepared for the SAT and ACT. That sounds crazy until you realize how long 24 hours really is. That may even be a side benefit; you’ll also appreciate how much time there really is in a day. This program is all about Impact not Hours!

Nonetheless, thank you for coming to our site. Look over the program which includes: Interactive Introductory Presentations, Virtual Test Simulation, Vocabulary Word of the Day, Interactive Vocabulary Mystery Novella, Interactive Math Prototypical Question Types, Interactive Critical Reading Passages, Schedules for Success, and Detailed And Complete Explanations to every Question in The Official SAT Study Guide. Plus we have added bonus ACT Presentations. Check out the FAQs. We are sure you will believe this is a great program and an unbeatable value for our offer of a year long subscription for just $24!

NEW!!!! Now you can have me (Henry Davis, the creator of this site) as your Personal Coach to advise you as you use our program to Beat the SAT and get into the college you choose. Get more information here: Advisor Link

Here's what one parent wrote:

I was quite impressed with what she did get out of this web site.  Her SAT score increased by 230 points.    She could not believe it.  This was with a week's worth of studying.  So this program really works.  She is not a good test taker. It gave her points of how to take the test  So Thank you!

Since you are most likely a student, parent, or educator, allow us to introduce the program to each of you individually:




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